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Natural Stone

At Timberline Tile in Cortez, Colorado, we offer a wide variety of natural stone materials that range from quartz, travertine, marble, soapstone, sandstone and slate. These exotic stones come from all over the world and in a mesmerizing array of colors and vein patterns. Turn your bathroom or kitchen into a geologic wonder and allow our team of expert designers and installation technicians to assist you in your home building or renovation project.



Formed during highly volcanic periods of the earth’s history, granite is an igneous rock comprised mainly of quartz, mica and feldspar. Granite comes in a wide and beautiful array of colors and veining patterns and is quarried as far away as China, Brazil, Turkey and India. Granite forms in massive slabs that are incredibly hard and durable, which makes them ideal for use as a surface material.


Made from the hardest minerals on earth, quartz is arguably one of the best materials for the wear and tear of a kitchen countertop. Certain Neolithic monuments found across Ireland are adorned with milky quartz slabs.


Travertine is a form of limestone that originates as a result of geothermal activity. The ancient Romans quarried travertine to construct their monumental baths and temples, and to this day it is a sought after building material. The Colosseum in Rome is just one example of renowned architecture built entirely from travertine.


Marble is commonly derived from the re-crystallization of limestone or dolomite and is Greek for “shining stone” or “crystalline rock.” It is famous as a sculptural medium and has been used in the construction of many iconic structures around the world, such as the Taj Majal in India. Its soft, white, crystalline structure is highly sought after, as is its beautiful mottled coloration.


Soapstone is referred to as a talc-schist; a type of metamorphic rock produced in areas of the planet where the tectonic plates subduct, or slide under one another. It has been a popular carving medium for thousands of years and is the outer layering of the famous Christ the Redeemer sculpture in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Displaying a sunset of reds, yellows, browns, oranges and tans, sandstone is a sedimentary rock made up of primarily quartz and feldspar. Evidencing the shallow inland seas that once covered much of the planet, sandstone has been a building material for human habitation since prehistoric times. The tombs of Petra, Jordan and the Mesa Verde ruins of Colorado are both carved and constructed from sandstone.


Slate is a fine-grained, sedimentary rock composed of clay or volcanic ash that has undergone metamorphic changes as a result of strong compression. It forms smooth, flat sheets that have long been used for roofing and tiles. Primarily grey or black, slate can also occur in other colors such as purple and cyan. Many of the churches and homes of Western Europe are roofed in slate.

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